NELSON WADE, a English style tailor of silk ties, custom silk neckties, bespoke custom suit, custom dress shirts.

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Currently we are not offering any custom bespoke items online. We are developing a new online service for our clients.
So, check back in the future to view our handmade bespoke clothing for men and women.

NELSON WADE is one of the finest custom bespoke tailor companies. We specialize in men and womens custom apparel,
ensuring quality products through careful measurements and open communication with clients. The company provides top-notch
service in order to finely outfit men and women for all important events. They accomplish this through their tailored garments
that inspire confidence and personal style among customers.

NELSON WADE, custom casual untucked style shirts. NELSON WADE, custom bespoke mens 2-3 piece suits. NELSON WADE, custom bespoke silk ties and silk pocket square.
NELSON WADE, custom suit interior lining. NELSON WADE, custom bespoke silk tie 10 royal blue plaid. NELSON WADE, silk pocket squares.
NELSON WADE, custom bespoke hunting shooting jacket-tartan left rear waist band. NELSON WADE, custom ladies collared blouses. NELSON WADE, cufflinks accessories.

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